Why Give?

Our impact is directly related to your generosity.

In early 2018, we had a three-tiered financial goal—$750K, $1M, and $1.25M. We realized that if our church displayed extra generosity, we should be able to achieve at least $750K. An exceptional faith in God would raise $1M for the 4RStudentsMovement. But if a supernatural miracle in giving occurred, then we would exceed the $1.25 million goal in one year’s time (April 2018 through March 2019).

Thanks to your generosity, we received $1,378,104 in commitments (as of Oct. 10, 2018)! However, if we maintain our current pace and project forward, we are significantly trailing behind in reaching this commitment goal. Not meeting our financial goal might delay or cancel some of the great programs/initiatives we currently provide or are planning to offer our student ministries.

The financial information below offers a snapshot of where we are as of Oct. 10, 2018. We pray that after careful deliberation and seeking God, you will be led to give 4RStudents.