Christ Church will offer college students and seminary candidates a chance to gain practical experience in ministry and organizational programming. Working with professionals across a range of disciplines—including media, finance, and pastoral care—you will be trained and mentored over the course of 120 hours or more.

Internships provide opportunities for students and professionals to build a relationship with a new company, network with other people in the field, and gain valuable firsthand experience. Not all internships lead to positions within the company, however applying for an internship can offer knowledge and experience you need to be confident in your career path.

What is an Internship Program?

Typically, an internship program is a tailored program, which allows current students to work on a temporary basis for a company. This is usually for a few weeks during the summer months, when most schools are closed. These opportunities help students gain some practical experience and, in some cases, earn money.

For the companies, interns can perform some valuable tasks. Also, they can evaluate the interns based on the performance during the internship period and recruit the best ones as full-time employees after they are done with their studies.

Typically a student is required by their institution to complete a certain number of hours in an internship program. The hours usually equate to the number of credits the student is taking for that semester.

When is the internship?

All year round!

Who is eligible?

College Internship Program: Must be currently enrolled in college.
Graduate School Ministry Internship Program: Must be currently enrolled in seminary or Bible college.

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