Why Choose a Christ Church Internship?

Christ Church develops leaders! The program is structured to prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the marketplace—either in your local community or abroad. Our core competencies allow our leadership team to strengthen future leaders like you, with a comprehensive strategy focused on professional growth through hands-on learning and one-on-one mentoring. We will gladly work directly with your college or university to help you meet all of the necessary requirements for college credit. We will identify a select group of 25 students to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

When are the College Internships offered?

The College Internship program is offered during summer, spring and fall.

Spring Semester– January through March (Application process starts December 1)

Summer Semester– June through August (Application process starts April 1)

Fall Semester– September through December (Application process starts August 1)


What will you gain?

Practical Training

We believe the integration of information and application is the key to success. You will choose from specialized areas such as: Marketing & Communications, Media, Operations, Community Development, Public Relations, Finance, Event Planning, or Information Technology.

Personal and Group Mentoring

You will be partnered with a mentor who will guide you during the program. The two of you will meets formally and informally to discuss your projects and personal growth. You will also have the chance to participate in clusters for group mentoring, as well as team-building, to glean from others’ experiences.

Diverse Setting

We are a large, multi-cultural organization that embraces fresh thinkers—regardless gender, race or ethnicity. You will be encouraged to problem solve and lead, with a broad range of learning opportunities; such as, management, operations, creative arts, major event management, and social media strategies.To learn more about Christ Church click here.

Learn More or Apply Now

Space is limited to 25 students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program. Contact us at if you have any questions.

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