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Your Opportunity to Serve

Serving at Christ Church is an excellent opportunity to use your skills and talents in a new way that encourages and meets the needs of others. Kindly review the reverse side of this form and check the area(s) of ministry in which you’d like to serve. The ministry department head will contact you concerning the next steps. We look forward to serving alongside you.

Volunteer / Serve Form


Adult Choir & Worship Team

Our choir and worship teams are responsible for modeling and facilitating theologically sound and passionate worship in our corporate services.Knowledge, passion, and skillfulness are essential to this ministry.If you are interested in joining this ministry, an audition will be required with our choral director.


Band Ministry

When instrumental music is dedicated to glorifying God it has the power to touch the heart and heal the soul. Our band exists to provide skillful and spirited support in our worship services as it accompanies the vocal praises of our choirs and worship team. If you are a skilled musician, consider joining this important ministry. An audition may be required.


Banner & Liturgical Dance

The vision of this ministry is to provide our congregation with a visual expression of praise and worship to God through choreographed dance and pageantry. The men, women, and children involved in this ministry regularly participate in corporate worship and seasonal events.


Bereavement Ministry

The Bereavement Ministry provides compassionate and personalized care through support and comfort to members and their families during their grieving process due to the loss of a loved one. If you have experienced loss in your life and understand the importance of such support, please consider this valuable ministry.


Bookstore Ministry

The Bookstore Ministry is responsible for selling and taking orders of all Christian books, CDs and other resource materials before and after each service.


Children’s Church Ministry

Children’s Church is a vital ministry in the local church. This ministry is multi-faceted, offering service to infants 6 months to age 11 in building a solid biblical foundation. This Ministry recognizes and nurtures children as growing disciples and helps them in understanding their relationship with God.


Communion Team

This team provides assistance to the deacons and deaconesses by serving communion once a month on Sundays and at other special services.


Computer Graphics Ministry

The Computer Graphics Ministry (CGM) displays the lyrics of worship songs on video screens during services. In addition, OPM displays PowerPoint presentations that support church briefings, pre-service prayer focuses and teaching notes. If you would love to use your clerical, administrative and computer skills in supporting the Christ Church worship experience, please consider joining this ministry.


Event Planning Ministry

The Event Planning Ministry functions in the planning and executing of events at Christ Church. If you have good organizational skills and project management / event planning experience and a heart to serve other, this ministry is for you.


Food Service Ministry

The Food Service Ministry prepares and serves refreshments on Sundays and at other special events. If you are gifted in culinary arts and in providing warm hospitality to others, you can assist our ministers and guests to be refreshed and rejuvenated around a scrumptious meal in a friendly atmosphere.



This ministry is responsible for greeting members and visitors as they arrive at our services, helping them to feel genuinely welcome, loved, and accepted. If you have a warm friendly smile, this ministry is for you!



The Housekeeping Ministry is a group of committed believers who maintain a clean worship environment throughout the church during our Sunday services and conference meetings. In order to provide maximum comfort for our congregants and visitors, it is essential that order and cleanliness within the building is given top priority. Join us in this vital ministry.


Information Center

This vital ministry is active before and after services, providing information about various areas of ministry and services at Christ Church. This team also answers questions presented by congregants and visitors and distributes informational materials as needed and upon request.


Maintenance Support

This ministry is dedicated to the physical maintenance of our building and grounds. Team members offer support and expertise in the areas of plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting and gardening. The Maintenance Team is also involved in the set-up and break down of tables, chairs and other equipment.


Media Operations Video & Sound

This ministry primarily manages the sound system and audio visual support during regular services and at special events. The Media Department invites you to help serve in this area to ensure that equipment such as the Video camera, the tape Duplicating machines, and the Overhead projection unit is used efficiently. Duties include operating the sound systems throughout the church, recording services and duplicating recordings. Technicians are exposed to “live” Sound mixing, stage preparation (A2), lighting, tape recordings and duplication. A good ear for music is needed for the live sound mixing of the praise and worship portion of our services. Extensive training in the use of all equipment provided.


Office/Administrative Support

Volunteers with data entry experience are needed to assist with various projects underway at the Christ Church administrative office located in Rockaway. Hours for administrative / office support are weekdays during regular business hours and occasionally after business hours. If you are able to donate your time, this ministry is for you.


Parking Lot Ministry

The Parking Lot Ministry which will be responsible for providing directions for parking and ensuring safety and order during access and egress of vehicles on our campus property in Rockaway. This ministry will service during all corporate services and specials meeting / events at the Rockaway location.


Personal Touch Ministry

This ministry provides resources designed to help individuals who have accepted Christ to grow in their new relationship with Jesus. The discipleship process is encouraged through caring follow-up of new converts. Consider joining this important ministry.


Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry brings Christ’s love and restorative power to men and women of all ages who are incarcerated at facilities in our region, through the preaching of the gospel, prayer, worship, and personal witness. If your heart is filled with compassion towards those who are imprisoned, please consider joining this ministry of hope and restoration.


Security Ministry

The security department provides and maintains an environment of safety and protection throughout the church building during services. It also helps facilitate the flow of pedestrian traffic. Consider joining our team.


Teen/ Youth Ministry

We are in a battle for the future generation! You will be assisting the Youth Director in the programming and oversight of special activities for youth, including a mentoring program and ministry with families of youth. Activities include retreats, seminars, and short-term studies dealing with issues such as communication skills with youth, equipping families to deal with issues confronting youth and aiding families with youth.


Upper Room Community

One of the most practical things you can do to support the members of the church is to join with others in prayer. This ministry prays for people, prays for visions and prays for God’s will and direction. We want to launch God’s plans. People within our ministry pray for those who are hurting and hungering for God’s healing touch. If you have a heartfelt desire to pray for others, consider joining this important ministry team.


Ushers Ministry

Ushers provide and maintain an environment of order and safety in the sanctuary and overflow rooms during corporate services. They assist with various components of the service such as seating, altar calls and the serving of communion.


Wedding Facilitator

Are you someone who loves supporting weddings? Christ Church is seeking volunteers to serve as Wedding Facilitators. Volunteers in this Ministry serve as the liaison between couples marrying at Christ Church and all wedding support staff.

We would love to hear from you!

Please feel free to contact our Church Life Department at 973-783-1010 ext 211 or email us: