Our History

Just as an orchestra is a harmonious collection of various instruments tuned for a purpose, Christ Church is a symphonic oasis of diverse racial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, intertwined by the love of God for the purpose of establishing God’s plan in our community. Christ Church is an independent, non-denominational, Bible-believing church.

As a flower destined for beauty, Dr. David and Pastor Marlinda Ireland, planted the seed of this local church in June 1986 with six other adult believers, committed to healing broken lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Over the course of eight years Christ Church tabernacled in various New Jersey worship locales, including Irvington, Springfield, South Orange, Union and Bloomfield. Although appearing as transients moving between temporary locations, positive exposure contributed to dramatic quantitative growth. Today, our present Montclair facility, located at Church Street and Trinity Place in Montclair, NJ, is a 900 seat Romanesque Cathedral which was purchased in August 1994. Christ Church endeavors to address practical day-to-day as well as spiritual issues. With intensive resource investment of money, time, energy, and extensive prayer, the church boldly confronts relevant social issues such as substance abuse, illiteracy, teen pregnancy and deteriorating family structure, through the design and implementation of Bible based programs. In 2003, we purchased a 107-acre picturesque property in Rockaway, NJ. This campus is where our administration and some of our weekend worship experience occurs.

We emphatically state our message—that Jesus is Lord, and a personal relationship with Him is essential to obtaining eternal life. Once Jesus enters a heart and rules as Lord, a complete metamorphosis occurs—purposes, attitudes, relationships and perspectives all change. In essence, the only answer to the deplorable conditions which confront humanity today is Jesus Christ.