At Christ Church we believe God has called us to be change agents—to help shape society by serving His community and His people. IMPACT best sums up God-mandated vision.

Acceptance of all races, all cultures, all people is our calling and our passion. Our message of reconciliation and restoration is integrated throughout everything we do.


We magnify and praise the Lord! The arts, especially music, give Him the glory in a celebratory, prophetic and healing way. Our praise worship features a rich diversity of music styles.


It is our duty to prepare the next generation to reach their potential for Jesus Christ. We engage the children of our congregation to respond to the call of God and grow into gifted leaders.


Educational advancement honors God. Programs such as The School of Prayer encourage ongoing biblical knowledge for members of Christ Church.


We have declared “war” against the social plagues of substance abuse, domestic violence, hunger and homelessness, Community service is a hallmark of the Christian faith.


The Great Commission must be fulfilled! We view ourselves as leadership developers and strive to train Christ followers to spread His teachings and do His will on earth.



Mission Statement:

Christ Church exists to Unite People to God and People to People.