Keith and Erin Murphy Photo
Keith and Erin Murphy Photo

Keith and Erin Murphy

Married Life Group

Morris Plains - Kennedy Road

Keith and Erin have a medium size dog who loves people

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Fridays @ 7:00 pm

Childcare is not provided

Keith and Erin have been married for eight years.  They believe they are best at being good friends, they started off as friends and to this day love each other’s company regardless of where they are and enjoy making each other laugh.  You will consistently find them at home together, relaxing with their dog Gidget.  They know they aren’t perfect and with Christ at the center of their marriage they continue to allow themselves to be a work in progress.

Keith and Erin like to travel and have new experiences.  They like trying new restaurants and call themselves foodies — they like to cook. They also enjoy being physically active.



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