Payne, Sandy
Payne, Sandy

Sandy Payne

Life Group

Newark - Parker Street

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Fridays @ 7:30 p.m.

Childcare is not provided

Sandy decided to lead a small group to encourage others and help build them up in their walk with God. She likes to have fun and to meet people. During one small group meeting, an individual came and was complaining the group was too far from where she lived and she would never come back. After that first meeting, she continued to come and today she is friends with the whole group. They pray, laugh, and stay in touch regularly.

Sandy’s hobbies include theatre, arts, museums, reading all types of books, spending time with her grandbabies and making banana pudding picnics in the park.

The Small Groups season has ended, but please check back as registration will reopen in September for a new season that begins in October.