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You Can Achieve Financial Security and Leave an Impact

What Is The 1322 Challenge?

Through the use of four crucial steps (see below), The 1322 Challenge is a call to action to leave a financial and spiritual legacy for generations to come.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who has made a decision to develop and maintain good financial habits–and it is suitable for all ages. There will be a special curriculum during Children’s Church and Teen services that will echo what adults are learning corporately.

When Does It Take Place?

The 1322 Challenge is a 14-week journey that will take place from March 7 – June 7, 2020.

How Does It Work?

By taking four key steps that are carried out over the 14-week journey; afterward these practices will become a lifetime habit.

The 1322 Challenge Steps

In order to Take the 1322 Challenge, we’re asking you to take four steps over the 14-week journey to form a lifetime habit.

Step 1:CONTINUE Your Financial Education
Step 2:CREATE a Spending Plan
Step 3:CALCULATE and Practice Tithing
Step 4:CONNECT with The 1322 Community (Blog)
CONTINUE Your Financial Education (learn more)

We want you to CONTINUE investing in your financial education so you can better manage your money. We’ve provided three options to help you meet this aspect of the challenge. Choose at least one of them based on your schedule and budget. The one advantage of the on-site training options is that they give you an opportunity to get your questions answered.

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU)

Nearly six million people have gotten out of debt, experienced the peace of financial security, and began building wealth thanks to Financial Peace University (FPU). Don’t miss your chance to do the same!

Read The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

If you are unable to attend Financial Peace University or the Financial Seminars, your third option is to read The New York Times bestseller, The Total Money Makeover. As you read or listen to the audio version, your newfound knowledge on money management will help you experience financial fitness. Click here to purchase the book. For other recommended books, please visit the Financial Empowerment Ministry page.

CREATE a Spending Plan (learn more)

To get a handle on your personal or family finances, you need a good spending plan. Although it may take time and effort, it is important to have a firm handle on your current financial situation. Proverbs 27:23 says, “Be sure to know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds.” We may not have flocks and herds, but Solomon’s wise counsel instructs us to know our financial condition:

  1. Your Past Spending (review monthly and annual spending pattern)

  2. Your Debt Summary

  3. Your Financial Net Worth

  4. Your Financial Goals

  5. Your Future Spending (Create a Spending Plan)

Take the needed time over the first part of the 14-week journey to complete these five steps in detail. The intent of the Challenge is to learn biblical financial practices that will develop into habits that last a lifetime. Addressing the list above may seem daunting, but when you Take the Challenge, you will gain access to our online tools that will serve as a great asset as you complete each item.

If you have already registered for The 1322 Challenge, please enter your passcode here:

Enter Password

CALCULATE and Practice Tithing (learn more)

The goal of participating in The 1322 Challenge is to bring your entire financial life into alignment with the Bible. The word tithe means “tenth.” Tithing is the biblical practice of giving the first 10% of your income to God through the local church (Malachi 3:10; Matthew 23:23; 1 Corinthians 16:1-2). It demonstrates your trust in God and your willingness to partner with Him financially.

We get that tithing for the first time can be scary, but if you’re going to achieve financial peace, what better way than to partner with God! He promises to protect and bless the 90% when you separate the 10% for Him through the local church. To better understand the Bible’s teaching on tithing, please listen to this sermon by our lead pastor, Dr. David Ireland.

To determine the amount of your tithe, please use the tithe calculator.

Gross Paycheck
Tithe Amount = 10%:

Use the Grace of Giving Calculator below to factor an amount above your normal tithe (e.g., 2%, 5%, or 10%)

What is
% of
Gross Paycheck?
CONNECT with the 1322 Community via the Blog (learn more)

Adopting a new financial outlook can be discouraging. That’s why we’ve created a blog that will regularly post messages, stories, testimonies, and information aimed to encourage you. When you take The 1322 Challenge, you’re also joining a community of people focused on leaving an inheritance for their children’s children.

Living in a world driven by greed, selfishness, and consumerism can leave you feeling isolated. Connecting with the 1322 community via the blog will help reinforce your values and encourage you to stay the course that leads to financial health. At the end of the 14-week journey, you will look back and say: “My newfound financial habits are solid. I now have my financial footings under me. I can do this! I’m living a 1322 life.”

Take The 1322 Challenge and you’ll automatically get connected with The 1322 Blog.

Benefits to Achieving a 1322 Lifestyle

The biggest benefit is being financially organized with a plan that will allow you to experience peace of mind.

You’ll have a roadmap toward financial security and a real legacy.

You’ll be able to better manage your money and improve your financial health.

You’ll be better positioned to invest in God’s kingdom.

Training for Your Journey
and Beyond

As a Church family, we are committed to helping you achieve a 1322 lifestyle. The following resources are available:

Weekly Sermons from The 1322 Challenge

Enjoy each of these six sermons. They will help you develop the critical habits that make for a 1322 lifestyle.

Financial Course & Seminars
  • Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU): *When you Take the Challenge, you will receive a special link that gives you access to a $30 discount for the FPU course ($99) – and a 1-year membership to FPU and its resources (regular price is $129).

  • *If you registered for the FPU course that began March 11, please note, classes are now
    online only–and will no longer be held at either campus.

  • Eliminating Debt Workshop: Saturday, May 30 and again on Saturday, June 13 from 9:00am–11:00am. Click here to register for either date.

  • Freed-Up Financial Workshop: Click here for more details.
The Financial Empowerment Ministry

The Financial Empowerment Ministry (FEM) is led by our very own Marketplace Pastor, Brian Jacks. FEM is a vibrant, committed team of caring, spirit-filled people assisting the Christ Church family–as well as its surrounding communities–in excelling in the management of time, talent, and treasure.

  1. Can I begin The 1322 Challenge after the official March 7, 2020 start date?

    Yes, but we highly encourage you to register before the official start date and take the journey with us. If you register after March 7, 2020 you may miss out on some of the supportive elements built into the 14-week calendar. We ask that you continue the four practices for 14 weeks though you’d have a different timeline than the rest of the congregation; the benefits of learning how to leave a spiritual and financial legacy for your family would still be achieved.

  2. Regarding The 1322 Challenge Steps, how do I Create a Spending Plan that includes all of the details listed in Step 2?

    Register for The 1322 Challenge. After you register, simply use the charts and tools that become available on this page after putting in your passcode.

  3. Can I attend training and seminars even if I’m not officially signed up for The 1322 Challenge or a member of Christ Church?

    Yes. All are welcome, but our discounted rate for the FPU course and free registration to our seminars, are only in effect when you Take the Challenge.

  4. Do I have to be a member of Christ Church to accept The 1322 Challenge?

    No. We encourage all to join us during this 14-week challenge.

  5. How can I get my kids and teenagers on board with good financial practices?

    We will be using a special curriculum for our kids and teens; these lessons echo the good financial habits being taught to the adults.

  6. Do I have to stop tithing after the 14-week challenge is over?

    No. The purpose of the 14 weeks is to help you develop the habits that God calls you to practice as an ongoing lifestyle.

  7. What happens if I miss the prep instructions from one or two of the six weekend sermons?

    We encourage you to attend all six. But life happens. The teachings you miss can be viewed here.

  8. If I’m single and don’t have children, how do I leave an inheritance as described in Proverbs 13:22?

    Many people fall into that category. Consider leaving a legacy to a charity of your choice and/or your church. The intent is to fund a program, ministry, and/or an interest in which you are passionate about.

  9. I’m already a tither, what should I do to demonstrate spiritual growth in this area?

    Consider increasing your regular giving by an additional 2, 5, or even 10 percent. The Bible calls us to grow in the grace of giving (2 Corinthians 8:7).

  10. What happens if I have a question that I do not see addressed on this website?

    No problem. Enter your question in the form below and a member of our team will get back to you?