Do you feel like your finances are controlling you instead of the other way around?

Join our 6-week workshop, Freed-Up Financial Living, for biblical training in financial principles that will include prioritizing your financial goals, reducing your expenses, developing a personalized spending plan, paying down debt, plus much more! Freed-Up Living addresses the matter of Who we serve (Matt. 6:21), where our heart is (Matt. 6:24), and what the love of money can lead to (1 Tim. 6:10).

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Inside Freed-up Financial Living Training Series

In the Freed-Up course, you’ll discover effective tools and develop skills that will help you control your finances— so your finances don’t wind up controlling you! After completing the course, you’ll walk away with:

  • A clear understanding of biblical financial principles.
  • Simple steps to apply those principles in day-to-day decision making.
  • A personalized spending plan in your hand, knowledge in your head to implement it, and the motivation in your heart to follow through.
  • Prioritize your financial goals.
  • Identify action steps to reduce expenses.
  • The cost of a workshop is $25 and includes Freed-Up Financial Living workbook .

Register today for the 6-part financial training series.

Individual Registration - $25

Couple Registration - $25

Offered at both Rockaway and Montclair campuses

Weekends of March 4th/5th through April 8th/9th, 2017

For registration please contact Kate Ross at: or (973) 783-1010 extension 216.

Walk-in registration available 15 minutes prior to this week’s class