Osafo couple
Osafo couple

Smart & Dinah Osafo

Life Group

Millburn - Millburn Ave

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Saturdays @ 12noon

Children are welcome

Heeding to the warning in Revelation 2 to the church at Ephesus, our Life Group will focus on the “first works” – loving God by caring for each other and doing God’s work by enthusiastically participating in our church activities.

It’ll be about exhorting each other through Bible Study and fervent intercessory prayers, believing God to work unusual miracles among us with an unshakeable faith.

At Christ Church, Smart works with the Housekeeping Ministry and the Financial Empowerment Ministry. He’s a lab chemist with a flavor company and his wife Dinah is a nurse. They are Blessed with a miracle son and two wonderful girls. As a family, they just love to assemble together with fellow believers to experience God reveal His presence.

This group meets virtually via www.freeconferencecall.com.

The Small Groups season has ended.