Kelechi Okere
Kelechi Okere

Kelechi Okere

Life Group

Union- Alpine Avenue

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Fridays @ 7:30

Childcare is not provided

Kelechi grew up in a Christian Nigerian home. He moved to the U.S. at the age of 12 and has lived in New Jersey since. Even though he attended church regularly with his parents while growing up and throughout college, he found himself drifting away from God after college. After each Sunday service, he would ask himself what he gained from it and the answer was always nothing. So, for a few years, he stopped going to church completely and stopped praying. They were the emptiest years of his life. He tried different things to fill that void but nothing compared to the indwelling Spirit. His sister-in-law brought him to Christ Church in 2008 and it was like drinking a refreshing glass of water after a walk through the desert. His life has not been the same since. 

Kelechi has a desire for his life group to help people draw nearer to God through better understanding of his word and how it applies to their daily lives. Through fellowship, prayer, discussions, and seeking God’s wisdom, he hopes the people in his group will go deeper into His word. This group meets virtually via Zoom.

The Small Groups season has ended.