4RStudents | The Need

The statistics are frightening: About 70 percent of kids stop attending their local church after they graduate high school. Although half of them return a decade later, the need for relevant ministry that is equipping the head and hearts of students is more real now than ever. Impacting a generation is more than having a hip student ministry that lacks real depth and connection with students–who crave authenticity and have a strong desire to create a legacy.

Our students are consistently flooded with messages that their thoughts, feelings, and concerns don’t matter. It’s time to stand up against this lie! The 4RStudents Movement faces this stark reality head-on by cultivating and nurturing our youth in an ongoing way that leaves them never doubting their importance to the kingdom. Our heart is to see Christianity thrive in the next generation. This is only possible if we offer a unique, Spirit-empowered approach to student ministry that produces young disciples that know their faith and can defend it. Students need to feel equipped to protect and share their beliefs in the secular spaces where they live and learn. With God’s help this need can be met. Other generations succeeded. It’s our turn now to ensure that we successfully pass the baton to the younger runners in the faith race.

Join the Movement to see Christianity thrive in the next generation.