Are you separated, going through, or have gone through a divorce?

Need someone to share with

Have unresolved issues

Need answers to help you cope

Need to know God loves and cares about you

Maybe we can help. We are a support group that meets:

Monday Evenings

7:30pm – 9:30p | East Campus (Montclair)

DivorceCare consists of 13 weekly sessions. Each week is self-contained and you may start at any time and complete the topics you missed during the next series of meetings.

Session 1 What’s Happening to Me? February 24
Session 2 The Road to Healing and Finding Help March 2
Session 3 Facing Your Anger March 9
Session 4 Facing Your Depression March 16
Session 5 Facing Your Loneliness March 23
Session 6 What Does the Owner’s Manual Say? March 30
Session 7 New Relationships April 6
Session 8 Financial Survival April 13
Session 9 KidCare April 20
Session 10 Single Sexuality April 27
Session 11 Forgiveness May 4
Sessions 12 Reconciliation May 11
Session 13 MMoving On, Growing Closer to God May 18


For more information, contact 973-783-1010 (ext. 341) or