Marriage Matters

Welcome to the online home for Marriage Matters! This series is designed for couples who are looking to take their marriage to the next level. Using their real-talk approach, Pastors Anthony and Barbara Franklin share what they’ve learned through their own marriage, years of counseling many married couples, and extensive research. Practical topics discussed include communication, handling conflict, keeping passion alive, and more!

Check out the video archive below; we hope you and your spouse will find it encouraging—and consider joining us for the next live broadcast!

Marriage Matters Lessons

Managing Conflict During Covid-19 and Beyond

During this series, Pastors Anthony and Barbara Franklin explore the topic of how to manage conflict in relationships. You will discover the ways to recognize and avoid the top destroyers of healthy communication.

Tips to Help Your Marriage Thrive During Covid-19
The Dangers of CONTEMPT
Overcoming Stonewalling