Missions Month May

In celebration of Pentecost, 50 days after Jesus’ resurrection and 10 after His ascension, CCGLOBAL hosts Missions Month May. During this time when we have our worship services, there will be a table of information regarding upcoming classes, events, and trips for 2019 summer, fall, and winter. Join our Missional Small Group in September and actually converse with Muslims in Paterson or Jews in Long Branch regarding our God, their God, or no God. Flex your Defending Your Faith muscle and share the gospel with those who are interested in learning more about Jesus and our faith. Click here to get connected.

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Missions Events, Classes & Upcoming Trips

CC Global offers a variety of classes including: Intro to Missions, Vision School, Conflict Resolution, and Fundraising. Click here for more information on our classes and events.

Click here to learn about our missions trip for teens.

Everyone can be a part of the Great Commission

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Missions Trips

Check out what God has done through us in these videos below…


Puerto Rico

Navajo Nation