An Extended Family Program

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**Only for International and out of state college students.


Colleges and universities have many students who are away from their families. This separation can be difficult for many students. Right@Home is an extended family program, which gives them the chance to experience family life during their stay at school.

Unlike traditional host family programs, students do NOT live with their hosts. By becoming involved in Right@Home, families can invite students into their lives and together enjoy a fun cross-cultural learning experience.

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What you'll gain from Right@Home?

  • Insights about other cultures
  • Greater awareness of one’s ideas and values
  • Wonderful friendships

What can you do together?

  • Invite the student to dinner
  • Go to the beach
  • Attend sports and cultural performances

Make a tangible difference in someone's life this season!

Turn your house into a home for an international student, who is thousands of miles away from home.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions you may have as a student or a host:

You decide! Families and student(s) arrange to meet every month or two at mutually convenient times. For these activities, the host will provide transportation for the student(s) to and from campus. The duration of the volunteer cycle is one academic year. The host and student(s) may choose to extend the relationship beyond that academic year (e.g., until the student graduates, or for another academic year).

Right@Home is an extended Family Program which offers a cross-cultural experience for students the opportunity to learn more about the American culture, as well as sharing their own culture and customs with families.

Individuals, students, married couples, and families who are members of Christ Church are all encouraged to become Host Families.

Because Right@Home is a volunteer program based totally on mutual agreement between families and students, you and your student are responsible for your own safety. If you don’t feel comfortable with the student or family, please let us know as soon as possible.