Quest Internship Program


Why Quest Internships?

Students will find purpose in their work 
as well as a paycheck!

By the end of internships, students will leave with skills, 
experience, and a portfolio (depending on career).

Program Overview

This program is designed to challenge students to explore their interests and passions, investigate what is meaningful to them and, discover how to follow their life’s purpose through practical training, professional development, and mentorship.

Here we offer the Quest Internship Program for undergraduate, graduate, domestic, and international students.

Practical Training

Receive projects and get hands-on-experience in the field study of your choice.

Professional Development

Develop critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills that will prepare you for the world of work.


Sharpen your skills and get professional advice through one-on-one mentoring.


Space is limited and availability varies by semester.
**International students are welcome to apply!**

Great Perks Offered to Interns:

Things To Know

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What Interns Say?

“The internship program at Christ Church has been exceptional. I am glad that I’ve been able to work with a large team of creatives. In my past jobs, I have been the sole designer. This role has allowed me the opportunity to hear new insights and adapt to new directions.”
Brittany Cadet
Media Production Intern
“The best part was being able to be a part and partake in a genuine, professional broadcast and to learn from very talented people.”
Adam Cheise
Graphic Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions you may have as an intern:

No, in fact, a few of our consultants, staff, and professionals are not professing Christians. However, they respect and adhere to the organizational policies set forth by the church. As for membership, you are not obligated to become a member. However, you are free to come to any of our worship services to learn more about Jesus Christ and possible church membership.

No, if you feel uncomfortable due to your religious background, or convictions, you are not obligated to participate in any of the religious activities. We ask that you speak with your internship supervisor about how you feel about such activities.

No, this program is a part time internship. Internship expectations and time requirements may take into account over outside work schedules.

Yes, you can receive college credits if your school gives credit for outside internships. It is the intern’s responsibility to fill out necessary paperwork required to receive credit by their school. You may also participate as an intern to gain experience and not receive college credit.

Yes, each participant is responsible for providing their own transportation.