World Reach Missions 

World-Reach is Christ Church’s missions department that takes the Good News outside our church walls crossing cultures and into other countries. It is where we seek God’s direction in fulfilling the commandment to make disciples of all nations and meeting our corporate objective to Unite People to God and People to People.

Though our primary objective is to spread the gospel and to raise disciples in other nations, in 2000, we recognized the importance of meeting also the physical, emotional, educational, social and communal needs of the people in each nation. By cooperating and partnering with the indigenous churches and mission organizations, we strive to assist and empower the local spiritual leadership and provide resources for the holistic development of the people and their community through the church.

As Christ Church trains disciples and encourages them to serve the five sectors of society (religious, government, economy, education and family) at home in the United States, we believe that God has equipped us with the sensitivity, the gift, the experience and the vision to partner with people of other nations to further encourage, engage and empower them as disciples to impact and transform their nations through those five sectors as well.

Missions Trip Information


whatWillYouDoWorld Reach’s strategic plan is to begin with short term vision and mission trips to collaboratively determine the needs of the community and region spiritually and physically. Based upon our joint investigation, we develop a 5 year community development plan that is anchored to one or more local churches. While the priority is to lead the people to Christ and nurture and develop disciples, with prayer and other resources, we participate in God’s work of transformation.


The good news of Jesus’ victory over death is the essence and motivation for missions. Christ Church realizes that God is truly omnipresent and the Holy Spirit has been working around the world and in the world even in our absence. As we prepare, train and engage in the mission of God by obeying the command to “go and make disciples of all nations”, our approach and methodology is as follows:


  1. Recognize that God has given every nation and people group, gifts whether in talent, abilities, culture or natural resources often different from our own.
  2. Allow one’s own worldview to be expanded and challenged by a different worldview and strive to respect, understand and learn from such worldview a different aspect of our God.
  3. As we engage in and with other worldviews and cultures, we are open to receiving and experiencing God’s Truth, love and power in a new, mighty and mysterious way.
  4. As we abide in God’s Word and Love, we abide in each other’s spirit and share the Love, Peace, Joy and Power of the good news and Jesus our Christ and Savior.



  1. Geographically, we focus on nations that our congregation has a heart for including the Caribbean, Kenya, and India. We are looking to expand into the 10/40 window where the most unreached people groups and the most concentration of believers of Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism abide.
  2. Priority is to share the gospel in a sensitively contextualized manner and raise disciples of Jesus Christ.
  3. Provide for their self-determined needs in a manner that becomes self-nourishing and self-sustaining.
  4. Train servant leaders through modeling and transformational leadership workshops, seminars and conferences.
  5. Facilitate reconciliation across racial, cultural, social and ethnic lines.