Message from Our Lead Pastor

In 2020, we witnessed God move in a mighty way in every aspect of our ministry! Despite the various challenges presented by COVID-19 that forced us to close the doors of our physical buildings, ministry remained open every single day. In addition to meeting the felt needs of our Christ Church family and our surrounding community who had been impacted by the pandemic, we began thinking more innovatively about how to spread the gospel to every corner of the globe through online ministry. That shift began when we moved to online-only weekend services on March 14, and by God’s grace, our transformative ministry reached hundreds of thousands in more than 75 countries!

In addition to our CC Online Weekend Experience, we also began offering other weekly online ministry opportunities, such as our midweek Bible study, corporate prayer gathering and devotional lessons for kids and teens. We also continued our outreach initiatives through community-centered events like Feed the Hope—in which we distributed 40,000 pounds of food to 1,000 families! This was one of many examples that left me truly humbled by your faithfulness despite the challenges of this unique year.

God always shows up in a big way whenever our circumstances seem to be the most dire, and that was certainly evident in 2020. I look forward to co-laboring with you in the years to come and seeing what God has in store for us, as we continue to share the good news of Jesus locally, regionally and around the world!

Our King Cometh!

Dr. David Ireland

Our Mission

Uniting People to God and People to People



Households were called and offered personal prayer



Families Reached

Due to the pandemic, our Pastoral Care team focused extra attention on providing mental health resources to our Christ Church family. This COVID-19 response was done in a variety of ways:

  • Existing Care Groups transitioned to virtual ministry and new Care Groups were formed to offer people support and community—combating the isolation that stemmed from COVID-19.
  • Members of our Christ Church family received one-on-one ministry in the form of personal prayer calls. In addition, those who were feeling overwhelmed with stress and anxiety were encouraged to text the word “Chaplain”. They would then be connected with a chaplain for prayer and linked to the proper resources based on their need.
  • A mental health blog was created by our Pastoral Care team that featured videos and articles on self-care, healthy relationships and dealing with loss.

To learn more about Pastoral Care at Christ Church, visit


Online Ministry

Weekend Experience



Reached 75 countries and 25 states

20 Min. of Prayer



Reached 21 nations

Midweek Bible Study


Marriage Matters



Although the pandemic caused us to close the doors to our physical buildings, ministry remained open every single day! In addition to our Weekend Experience, our weekly online ministry opportunities included our midweek Bible study (20 Minutes of Hope/Discovery Wednesday) and prayer gathering (20 Minutes of Prayer) as well as services for all of our Quest Student Ministries (kids, teens, college and young adults). We also had seasonal ministry opportunities like our Marriage Matters series, which used biblical principles and strategies to restore and renew marriages across the globe. We saw God move in incredible ways in all of these opportunities—and our CC family was able to bless others by sharing these experiences with a click of a button!

Quest Student Ministries

Weekly Devotionals


Weekly Devotionals


Virtual Ministry Opportunities

200 Gatherings



Each of our Quest Student Ministries held online weekly opportunities for their respective groups—as we saw God move in a special way throughout each ministry. From weekly devotionals for our kids and teens that included games, testimonies and lessons; to college and young adults gatherings for Bible study and real-talk conversations on societal issues; our Quest leaders ministered to the next generation through online forums that perfectly suited their audience!

For more info about our Quest Student Ministries, please visit


Small Groups


Small Groups


Small Group Registrants & Leaders

It was a banner year for our Small Groups as we quickly shifted to online gatherings, which met a need for many to reconnect during a time of social distancing and isolation. For the first time, we offered Connect Groups—virtual gatherings that met every two weeks for a three-month period around a common interest. This led to an increase in the number of people who participated in our Small Groups and the number of Small Groups that we offered. Small Groups are where friends become family at Christ Church, and despite not being able to physically gather, God allowed this great connection point to thrive during a time when it was needed most!

To learn more about our Small Groups or to sign up, visit


The 1322 Challenge



In January 2020, we began the year with The 1322 Challenge—a call to action to leave a financial and spiritual legacy for generations to come. This 14-week journey involved a step-by-step process (teaching series, courses, online resources, etc.) designed to improve each participant’s financial health, so that they could “leave an inheritance for their children’s children” as described in Proverbs 13:22. As part of The 1322 Challenge, we partnered with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University to provide online classes that taught strategies to eliminate debt and build wealth.

To learn more about The 1322 Challenge, visit


Signature Events

Whether it was through in-person ministry early in the year—like our Midnight Watch all-night prayer gathering in February—or online offerings of our key annual events like Virtual VBS 2020 and our Home for Christmas holiday concert, these special events impacted people across the globe through impactful prayer, powerful teachings and inspiring worship. Here are a few key highlights from just some of our 2020 signature events:

  • At our Rockaway Campus in Rockaway, we prayed for healing, the younger generation, and countries as nearly 300 people gathered to cry out to God for our local, regional, national and global needs.
  • Through interactive games and Bible lessons, thousands of children learned about the power of the gospel and the power they have as God’s children, via our three-night Vacation Bible School event, “Power Up.”
  • Our annual holiday concert reached over 10,000 views, as people heard about the hope and love of Jesus through this special worship experience. In addition, this event gave us another forum to connect with those who were in need of prayer, and offered an introduction for first-timers to our love-fueled ministry.
Midnight Watch



Outdoor Baptism at LCBC BranchCreek (Harleysville)
Midnight Watch
Virtual VBS


Christmas Concert


Christmas Concert
Virtual VBS

Community Engagement

Family Movie Night

One of the hallmarks of our ministry is engaging the community; we did this in a variety of ways in 2020—including two outdoor worship services (CC on the Lawn) and an outdoor Family Movie Night. These events, which took place at our Rockaway Campus in Rockaway, N.J., offered an opportunity for people in our community to get a taste of Christ Church hospitality via our wonderful serving teams.

Family Movie Night

300 Gathered

CC on the Lawn
7 photos
CC on the Lawn Outdoor Services

1,665 Experienced


Our heart is to not only engage the community we serve, but to also meet the felt needs of its people. In 2020, we continued our partnership with MESH (Montclair Emergency Services for Hope) to feed the homeless and those in need—adjusting our policies and practices to facilitate a safe and socially distanced experience for those who needed a hot meal. And in November, Feed the Hope provided perishable and non-perishable goods to 1,000 local families at our Rockaway Campus in Rockaway, NJ!

We also distributed 700 gift cards to local foster kids and teens in December via Operation Save Christmas! This was made possible because of the generosity of our Christ Church family who purchased these gift cards (to retail stores such as Amazon, Walmart, etc.). Thank you for your big-heartedness—which allowed us to bless hundreds of kids and teens with a beautiful Christmas surprise!


Meals served to those in need





Front-Line Care

As we watched our front-line heroes battle tirelessly in the fight against COVID-19, our desire was to show our gratitude to them for their incredible work. In addition to meeting a practical need by providing them with additional PPE (personal protective equipment), we also sent them care packages as a small token of our appreciation.

Our heart was also with COVID-19 patients, as many of them were struggling with how to process their battle mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We ministered to them by donating Bibles (and Gospel of John books in English and Spanish) to local hospitals so that they could receive God’s Word during their time of need.

We also partnered with the Red Cross and other agencies to deploy community outreach programs in our area.


Bibles sent to COVID-19 patients


PPE items distributed to local area hospitals


front-line workers received “thank you” care packages
Thank You Care packages

Financial Highlights

Based on Independently Audited Financial Statements

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2020 Revenue

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*4RStudents revenue recognized in 2018 collected in 2019
**Book Sales Revenue does not factor into our cost of goods sold

2020 Expenses

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Statement of Financial Position

As of December 31, 2020

2020 2019 2020-2019 2020-2019
Balance Sheet:
*Total Current Assets $2,641,836 $1,022,353 61.3% 1,619,483
Total Non-Current Assets $18,003,114 $18,396,302 -2.2% (393,188)
Total Assets $20,644,950 $19,418,655 5.9% 1,226,295
Total Current Liabilities $744,789 $1,279,110 -71.7% (534,321)
Total Non-Current Liabilities $15,113,752 $15,570,828 -3.0% (457,076)
Total Liabilities $15,864,380 $16,860,310 -6.3% (995,930)
Total Net Assets $4,780,570 $2,558,345 46.5% 2,222,225
Statement of Activities: 2020-2019 2020-2019
Total Revenues, Gains and Other Support $10,100,008 $9,584,704 5.1% 515,304
Total Expenses (After Depreciation) $7,614,937 $8,908,880 -17.0% (1,293,943)
Change in Net Assets (After Depreciation) $2,485,071 $675,824 72.8% 1,809,247
**Extraordinary Item (Construction in Progress Fixed Asset Cost Write-off 2019) $(242,846) $5,253,566 - -
Total Expenses (After Depreciation) $7,614,937 $8,908,880 -17.0% (1,293,943)
Change in Net Assets (Before Extraordinary Item) $2,485,071 $675,824 72.8% 1,809,247
Net Assets, Beginning of Year* $2,222,225 $7,136,087 -221.1% (4,913,862)
Net Assets, End of Year (See Extraordinary Item Note) $4,780,570 $2,558,345 46.5% 2,222,225

*Current Assets reclassification for 2019 due to receivables from 4RStudents Movement.
2020: **Extraordinary Item was a fair value adjustment to our related entity property.
2019: **Extraordinary Item was the cost incurred for the anticipated development/build-out of the future sanctuary. These costs had to be written-off since we do not have a date in mind to construct the sanctuary and most of the cost was determined unusable for any future construction. Remaining is the cost related to installing a traffic light at the Rockaway Campus entrance in the amount of $309K.

Church Family: As a tither, if you have any questions regarding the Financial Highlights or would like to review the 2020 Audited Financial Statement, please contact our CFO, Natacha Clesca, at 973-783-1010 (ext. 225) to make an appointment.


Rev. David D. Ireland, Ph.D., Lead Pastor, Christ Church
Rev. Marlinda Ireland, D.Min., Worship & Creative Arts Pastor, Christ Church
Paul J. Barnish, MBA, President, WP Realty
Rev. Pierre du Plessis, Senior Pastor, The Father’s House
Johanna Faries, Commissioner of Call of Duty League, Activision Blizzard Esports
Rev. Anthony Franklin, Montclair Campus Pastor, Christ Church
Erika Gerena, Consultant, Erika Gerena, Inc.
Rev. Ron Gonzalez, Counseling Pastor, Christ Church
Rev. Brian Jacks, CEO & Founder of WiConnect LLC
Jose Lastra, Chief Financial Officer, YMCA Of Montclair, NJ
Richard Nunes, Esq., Assistant Deputy Public Defender
Wunmi Osinubi, M.D., M.Sc., MBA, FRCA, Physician, Occupational & Environmental Health Associates, Inc.
Terry Trayvick, Founder & CEO, Level Five Management Consulting, LLC.


Rev. David D. Ireland, Ph.D., Lead Pastor
Rev. Marlinda Ireland, D.Min., Worship & Creative Arts Pastor
Rev. Anthony Franklin, M.P.S., Montclair Campus Pastor
Rev. Ron Gonzalez, M.P.S., Counseling Pastor
Ray Velez, Chief Operating Officer
Natacha Clesca, MBA, Chief Financial Officer

Your Generosity Tells a Story

We exist to unite people to God and people to people—and we wouldn’t exist without your big-heartedness. When you give to God through the church, you play a pivotal role in someone’s testimony—their personal story of what God has done in their life!