Operate in lights – camera – sound – and action!

One of the many important aspects of the Media Ministry is extending the church experience beyond the walls of the church, furthering reach, and impacting the congregation and community through audio, video, lights, and digital.

Our Media Team also does off-site shoots and short films that engage the congregation and community at large – both regionally and digitally. Sounds like something you would love to be involved in? Sign up below for more information!

These opportunities are great for those in school to receive community service and college credits; gain career experience; and to add to your resume when applying for jobs! Questions? Email and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.


There is training for the opportunities below; great for exploring your gifts!
Campuses Held: Montclair Campus (MC) Rockaway Campus (RC) Clifton Campus (CC)

  • Camera Operator: Capture live video and images that helps bring the worship experience and teaching to life. (MC) (RC)
  • Audio Engineering/Broadcast: Ensure the high quality of sound and broadcast for service and events. *Prior experience needed (MC) (RC) (CC)
  • Computer Graphics: Project lyrics and graphics to facilitate a better worship experience for our community. (MC) (RC) (CC)
  • Photography: Document awesome events and life-changing moments at Christ Church through picture taking and editing. (MC) (RC) (CC)
  • Lighting Technician: Enhance the look and feel of the worship experience through the use of lighting elements. (RC)
  • Video Director: Create an immersive and engaging experience through live switching between camera angles and other visual elements. (MC) (RC)

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