Help students connect with God and the church on and off campus!

Investing into the next generation ensures that every college student gets to know and love Christ while being in community and connecting with their peers.

Through programs like our shuttle service—which transports students from their campus to ours for worship services—we aim to ensure that our college students’ personal, spiritual and professional needs are meet—so that they are able to use their gifts and abilities to the fullest. You may be asking yourself, “So what are the requirements of being a Shuttle Bus Driver?” If you’re a licensed driver and would relish the opportunity to impact the youth by sharing your experiences—then this may be the perfect fit for you! There are also opportunities for Shuttle Bus Hosts, which are people who greet and interact with students onboard the shuttle.

Servant Leader Opportunities

Serve, Mentor and Lead students through the opportunities below, where you can also explore, develop and expand your gifts!

What team would you want to be a part of?

  • Quest Career Professional Development Team: Coach, teach, or plan networking events for college students to jump-start their career.
  • Quest Connect Hospitality Team: Provide warm welcomes, extend a home, or plan gatherings for college students and other church ministries to connect.
  • Quest Family Support Team: Help behind-the-scenes to ensure smooth process for students by assisting in administrative projects, assembling care packages, writing note cards, or providing prayer.
  • Quest Grow Discipleship Team: Help deliver Christian education on campus by walking alongside students in their personal, spiritual, or professional development needs.
  • Quest Shuttle Team: Drive our Quest Shuttle or greet students as a Shuttle Host. This is a great opportunity to engage with students who want to learn more and get connected.
  • Quest Media Support Team: Provide audio and visual support for students at events.

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