Ensure that the church is safe and secure

Do you have a desire to keep people safe from potential harm and wield your discerning gift? Have you ever received training in the field of safety and security? Then you may be the perfect fit to work alongside our staff Security Department with their responsibilities (monitoring cameras, maintaining order and providing assistance to other serving team members, etc.).

If you have an innate ability to be protective and resolve conflict, come be a part of a team that works alongside local police departments and other state officials. With your skills, you can help ensure that Christ Church always fosters a safe environment for every ministry opportunity.

Some Responsibilities Include

There is training for the opportunities below; great for exploring your gifts!
Campuses Held: Montclair Campus (MC) Rockaway Campus (RC)

  • Observing and reporting suspicious behavior/activity (MC) (RC)
  • Watch people go in and out the church (MC) (RC)
  • Patrolling the area (MC) (RC)
  • Submitting and writing up reports (MC) (RC)
  • Much More! (MC) (RC)

Join the Team

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