Help students and young adults connect with God and the church!

Serving gives you the opportunity to partner with us to see this emerging generation rooted and grounded in their faith, developing their gifts and walking in their purpose—all for God’s glory.

You’ll offer hope and support to those navigating different seasons of life—including school, work, waiting, dating and marriage—to create a safe place where college students and young adults can develop and mature their relationship with God as well as their spiritual gifts and callings.

Servant Leader Opportunities

There is training for the opportunities below; great for exploring your gifts and making connections!

  • Creative Team: Create and produce engagement as a Copywriter (create content for text messages, newsletter, emails, social media, etc.), Graphic Designer (create graphics for events, initiatives, posts, etc.), or Social Media Chair (post social media concepts and lead the social media committee).
  • Shuttle Team: Drive our Quest Shuttle as a Shuttle Driver (transport students to and from college campuses) or greet students as a Shuttle Host (host students on the van). This is a great opportunity to engage with students who want to learn more and get connected.
  • Street Team: Bring high energy to outreach tabling and events in order to reach new young adults and students to be a part of the quest as a Recruiter (Recruit new members) or as a Table Team Member (Table at events and certain services).
  • Host Team: Help provide inviting and welcoming gatherings and experiences as a Church Host (host before/after services), Event Host (host at events), or Right@Home Host (open your heart to welcome international students as an extended member of your family).
  • Event Planner: Plan, schedule and lead activities and events which create opportunities for college students and young adults on and off college, university and Christ Church campuses.
  • Prayer Team: Make personal phone calls to pray for college students and young adults by phone or using the list of prayer requests to help them maintain a growing and healthy spiritual life.
  • Administrative Team: Help with operations behind-the-scenes to ensure a smooth process for students and young adults by assisting in administrative projects and other correspondence with the Quest College Director.
  • Mentor: Coach and teach college students and young adults by walking alongside students in their personal, spiritual, or professional development needs.
  • Instructor: Lead discipleship programs to support the spiritual formation of college students and young adults as well as the teaching of doctrine.
  • Small Group Leader: Facilitate a community-based small group over a light meal for college students and young adults at one of the Christ Church campuses, a local café or on a college campus.
  • Quest Liaison: Facilitate a close working relationship between Quest Kids, Quest Teens, and other ministries to enhance communication or close collaboration across generations. Must be willing or actively serving in another student or Christ Church ministries.

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