Help young adults connect with God and the church!

Serving with Quest Young Adults (QYA) is an opportunity to partner with us to see this emerging generation rooted and grounded in their faith, developing their gifts and walking in their purpose—all for God’s glory.

You’ll offer hope and support to those navigating different seasons of life—including school, work, waiting, dating and marriage—to create a safe place where young people can develop and mature their relationship with God as well as their spiritual gifts and callings.

Servant Leader Opportunities

There is training for the opportunities below; great for exploring your gifts and connecting with students!

  • Content Creators: Help build strong online communities through our various social media platforms
  • Atmosphere Coordinators: Help provide inviting and welcoming gatherings and experiences
  • Community Service Coordinators: Plan and facilitate community outreach
  • Singers and Musicians: Join our Young Adult worship team

Join the Team

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