Create a safe place for teens to grow and develop a Christ-centered lifestyle

Investing into the next generation ensures that every teen gets to know and love Christ, while exploring their own faith, being in community and connecting with their peers.

Each week we create a fun, safe, but educational environment for our students – both middle and high schoolers – to ensure that they fully know their identity in Christ and use their gifts and abilities to its fullest. Let’s create an IMPACT for this generation!


Serve, Mentor and Lead the next generation through the opportunities below (must be at least 18 years old and completed high school). These opportunities to serve are also a great way to explore, develop and expand your gifts!

Campuses Held: Montclair Campus (MC) Rockaway Campus (RC)

Service Teams
  • Teaching (MC/RC)
  • Hospitality (MC/RC)
  • Small Groups (MC/RC)
  • Planning (MC/RC)

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