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Saturday, October 21, 2017

About Elevate Your Marriage

Whether you are newly in love, or married for 50 years, you can probably agree that marriage is not always perfect but a work in progress that can benefit from mentoring and coaching.

Elevate Your Marriage is a day filled with fun coaching, friends and real talk that will help you to see that, together, you’re perfectly imperfect!

Elevate Your Marriage is just the thing your marriage needs to propel it to the next level of unity!

Laugh, learn and love together with your friends and family with sponsored table!

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Elevate Marriage


David & Marlinda Ireland

Drs. David & Marlinda Ireland

Founding Pastors of Christ Church
David & Marlinda Ireland are the founding pastors of Christ Church. They have been married since 1984 and are the proud parents of two adult daughters – Danielle and Jessica. Having counseled hundreds of couples in their 30 years of pastoral ministry, the Irelands enjoy using their graduate school education in the area of marriage and family to help couples achieve emotionally healthy marriages. Marlinda recently completed her Doctor of Ministry degree at Alliance Theological Seminary. They are frequent guest teachers at regional and national marriage seminars, couples retreats, and other venues designed to enrich marriages. Through Dr. Ireland’s former radio program IMPACT, tens of thousands of marriages were strengthened as he taught on such topics as: How to Fight Fair; Building a Healthy Marriage; and Love for a Lifetime. To learn more about David Ireland and his involvement in the community and abroad visit
Anthony and Barbara Franklin

Anthony and Barbara Franklin

Associate Pastors of Christ Church
Anthony and Barbara Franklin are associate pastors of Christ Church, serve as pastoral leaders of the church’s successful marriage mentoring ministry. Married since 1981, they are the proud parents of two adult daughters and four grandchildren. Together, they have used their more-than 26 years of pastoral ministry experience to restore and strengthen countless marriages by mentoring and counseling couples through workshops, retreats and one-on-one sessions. Anthony is a graduate of Alliance Theological Seminary, and Barbara earned a degree in elementary education from Nyack College and is a developmental interventionist for the New Jersey Early Intervention System. Both are Certified Prepare-Enrich Marriage Assessment Facilitators. They are devoted to helping couples lay a foundation for strong, godly marriages and they also lead the Christ Church pre-marital preparation program.

Dr. Carolyn Driver

Dr. Carolyn A. Driver distinguished her professional career in the fields of Business, Education and Ministry for over two decades, bringing to her current position a wealth of knowledge, corporate positioning, and expertise. Dr. Driver is a Certified Growth Coach and Leadership Life Coach as well as a certified LifeForming Coach Trainer with LifeForming Leadership Coaching in Virginia under the auspices of Dr. Joseph Umidi of Regent University. She also specializes in exploring issues related to unhealed hurts, unmet needs, and unresolved issues. Her temperament study delves into the different temperament styles and shows you how to understand yourself and your family members to communicate more effectively. She has served as a professor in the Business and Leadership Department at Beulah Heights University and an adjunct professor for Southwestern Christian University. Carolyn Driver’s talents and skills have been tapped by government, corporations, communities of faith, and institutions of higher learning in over 10 countries. Dr. Driver is married to her husband, Larry, of 46 years.

Pierre and Marlize du Plessis

Pierre and Marlize du Plessis are the Senior Pastors of The Father’s House located in Rochester, NY. The Father’s House is a growing, diverse, multisite church welcoming thousands each weekend. Both are passionate about mentoring and empowering others to live out their fullest potential at every stage, using vivid illustrations mixed with humor and practical life application. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Pierre and Marlize relocated to the USA in 1999. Pierre’s experience and insight has provided him with the opportunity to serve on the boards of national organizations and travel internationally to speak in churches and at conferences. Marlize leads a growing movement of sisterhood, teaching women their true identity as daughters of God. Pierre and Marlize have been married for 27 years and have the privilege of serving with their two grown children, Chloe and Caleb, both students, and part of the staff team at The Father’s House.

Pastor Oscar and Rosie Mendoza

Oscar & Rosie Mendoza are the Founders of the National Latino Institute for Family Enrichment (NLIFE, Inc.). They are both graduates of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California with a Master of Divinity in Family Education and a Master in Global Leadership, respectively. Born in Nicaragua, Oscar migrated to the US in 1984 where later he met Rosie, a daughter of Cuban and Puerto Rican parents. They have been married for 25 years and are the parents of two children – Limaris and Caleb, and enjoy weaving a life with full of multicultural riches. Their multicultural family heritage has positioned them to teach across cultures on Marriage & Family Education and Women Leadership and are frequent guest speakers at conferences, retreats, workshops, and various settings to enrich and strengthen the marriages and families. Oscar also serves as Executive Pastor at Christ Church. For more information about Oscar and Rosie, visit

Reason to Attend



attendees said the seminar gave them new strategies for living out a strong healthy marriage



Attendees said they would recommend the seminar to their married or engaged friends or family



More than one third of all attendees do not regularly attend church but still found the seminar to be extremely helpful to their marriage



of long term prison inmates grew up in broken homes *(Horn, Bush, “Fathers, Marriage and Welfare Reform)

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Elevate Your Marriage - October 2015

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Elevate Your Marriage - October 2015

Pastor Marlinda Ireland speaks to women at "Elevate Your Marraige" at Christ Church in Rockaway. (Photo: Daily Record Staff Photo Michael Izzo)

Thousands attend marriage counseling at Rockaway’s Christ Church

Married and engaged couples learned how to be better spouses Saturday at the third annual “Elevate Your Marriage” event at Christ Church in Rockaway.
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Doors Open

8:00am – 8:30am


8:30am – 10:30am

This is Us & Why Did I Do That?

11:00am – 12:15pm

Breakout Sessions – Real Talk Men & Woman, The Real Us, Two Lives One Purpose & Raising Children Who Love God

12:15pm – 1:30pm

Couples Lunch

1:30pm – 3:30pm

5 Second Rule, Intimacy: The Game-changer & RESET



Where is the Elevate Your Marriage Seminar taking place?

Elevate Your Marriage the Seminar will be held at Christ Church in Rockaway, New Jersey @ 140 Green Pond Road, Rockaway, New Jersey 07866.


What is the cost for attending the Elevate Your Marriage Seminar?

The cost to attend is:

*Sponsored tables can be a great gift of love to share with your married/engaged friends and family. Be 316! Sponsor a table and fill it with your friends and family!

What is included in the cost of the registration?

Registration pricing includes all main sessions and breakout sessions and a seminar workbook for each registrant.

Do I have to attend Christ Church in order to register?

No. All married and engaged couples are welcome to attend. In fact, a significant number of attendees do not attend Christ Church.

Why should I register so early?

Last year, Elevate experienced a sold-out registration and many couples were unable to attend. This year we have added even more to the Elevate Your Marriage schedule and expect even greater attendance. Don’t wait! Register today to secure your spot(s)!


Will child care be provided for my children?

Yes! Due to last year’s overwhelming success of Elevate we have decided to expand it to include not only single adults but also children and teens, aged 5-17. For the same price as last year we have planned exciting curriculum, speakers and activities for your children at Elevate Kids and Elevate Teens. Please go to Elevate Kids or Elevate Teens for more info, spots are extremely limited so register your children and teens today


I want to sit with my friends and family, is that possible?

Absolutely! One of the exciting options available at Elevate is the ability to sponsor a table. Simply choose the sponsored table option when registering and fill the table with your friends and family. Last year, nearly half of all the attendees sat at a sponsored table and we expect that number to grow, this year. However, sponsored tables are limited in availability and due to last year’s success we expect to sell out. Be sure to register your sponsored table today!


What are my lunch options during the Elevate?

We have scheduled some pretty awesome food vendors during our lunch break. Please expect to spend between $8 -$15 on lunch depending on the vendor you choose. We will have both outdoor and indoor seating for your enjoyment.


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