Teens Serve, Sing As They Give Back

Teens ready to serve the homeless with MESH.

For Quest Teens, 2019 ended on a powerful note, as more than 20 students decided to serve the community during the holiday season. The opportunity for the Teens to actively participate in this outreach came after the teens learned lessons about sharing the love and compassion of Christ, at a time when many people need it most. Many students took those lessons to heart and volunteered during the holiday season.

In Montclair, more than a dozen Teens served for two and a half hours on a Friday night and got a chance to walk out the biblical principle of serving. The group partnered with other Christ Church members and MESH (Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless). By the end of the evening, the Teens helped serve food, drinks, and plenty of smiles to approximately 40 people.

Meanwhile in Rockaway, some acting chops were on display as a group of Quest Teens ministered through a Christmas production titled, Unwrapped. The premise of the play was that when you give the gift of yourself and act selflessly, you are embodying the image of Christ. The Teens exhibited their talents to 110 people in attendance, who received ministry through their inspired performance!

Special thanks to our participants: 

  • Kyla Nance
  • Amayah
  • Melbourne
  • Ayanna Jones
  • Christian Bazile
  • Aiden Barthelus
  • Jasmine Cuartas-Ruiz
  • Osiah Sarabo
  • Ayanna Watkins
  • Sarah Adewumi
  • Samuel Adewumi
  • Aminata Adewumi
  • Kazuri Lateef
  • Cyan Leverett
  • Julianna Curtis
  • Rebecca Clark
  • Amanda Daniels
  • Teni Ogunjumo
  • Rylan Chintada
  • Gabby Santiago
  • Jeslyn Zubryc
  • Jalen Royal
  • Alexa Rowe
  • Toni Oshuntolu
  • Jonathan Tyler
Picture of Erwin Rodriguez

Erwin Rodriguez

East Campus Teen Director at Christ Church


Quest exists to reach, love, and serve both students and young adults by creating an environment that offers a genuine encounter of God.

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