Create a love-fueled, Christ-centered, safe place for kids to grow and learn

Investing into the next generation ensures that every kid gets to know and love Christ, be in community, and love others.

Each week we build relationships with families and provide a safe, fun and engaging environment for our kids from newborn to 5th grade. Our teams are split into 2 groups—classroom and operational support (outside of classroom)—and each person typically serves twice a month.

If you value the importance of reaching the next generation and making a difference in the same way someone made a difference in your life as a child, then this opportunity may be perfect for you!

Please note, we adhere to all CDC guidelines regarding student capacities, student-to-teacher ratio, etc. For more information about our best practices and safety measures, click the link below. And if you have any additional questions, please email



Serve, Mentor and Lead the next generation through the opportunities below, where you can also explore, develop and expand your gifts!

Campuses Held: Montclair Campus (MC) Rockaway Campus (RC)

Class Support Team (MC) (RC)
  • Head Room Leader: Lead and teach a classroom by communicating God’s truth to kids.
  • Assistant Room Leader: Assist the Head Room Teacher in teaching the gospel to kids.
  • Room Assistant: Assist with classroom tasks making sure the teachers are solely focused on their class.
Administration Team (MC) (RC)
  • Service Coordinator: Ensure that children’s services are running smoothly and provide leadership and support for volunteers.
  • Service Host: Provide a warm welcome to families and ensure that their kids are situated in classrooms.
  • Welcome Desk: Oversee the check-in and check-out process for families while providing technical assistance and logistical leadership.

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