Christ Church is proud to present a one-week, full-day VBS Summer Day Camp for children from Rising Kindergarten through Rising 5th grade.


Monday, July 8 to Friday, July 12, 2019 from 9:00am – 5:00pm


Christ Church (West Campus) | 140 Green Pond Road, Rockaway, NJ


Power Up: Raise Your Game!

The BEST WEEK EVER in 2019 is definitely a WINNER! Our kids will be challenged to raise their game because knowing God and trusting in Jesus fills each of us with the Fruit of the Spirit!

We want kids to know that:

God wants you to know Him.
You can know God through His Word.
God sent Jesus to save us.
God sent His Spirit to help you.
You can help others know God.
Bible Story: God calls Abram • Genesis 12:1-4,15:1-7
Bottom Line: God wants you to know Him.

Bible Story: Josiah • 2 Kings 22–23
Bottom Line: You can know God through His Word.

Bible Story: Jesus’ Baptism • John 1:29-34; Matthew 3:1-17
Bottom Line: God sent Jesus to save us.

Bible Story: Pentecost • Acts 1–2
Bottom Line: God sent His Spirit to help you.

Bible Story: Fruit of the Spirit • Galatians 5:22-23
Bottom Line: You can help others know God.

Volunteer for VBS 2019

Power Up for VBS 2019


To register your kids, or to sign up as a volunteer, click below.


Daily Schedule

8:45am - 9:15am

Parent drop off

9:15am - 10:30am

Large Group Session
(Games, Music, Interactive Lesson)

10:40am - 12:00pm

Small Group Session
(Brief Recap of Lesson, Q&A, Crafts, Snacks)

12:10pm - 1:10pm

(Food, Video Presentation, Free Time)

1:20pm - 2:20pm

Group Recreation Time
(Organized Activities)

2:30pm - 3:30pm

Large Group Session
(Games, Brief Recap of Day, Music, Snacks)

3:40pm - 5:00pm

(Sports, Arts, Tech)


Parent Pickup

Memory Verse: 2 Peter 1:3a, NIrV

"God’s power has given us everything we need to live a godly life."


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Vacation Bible School Summer Day Camp will be happening at Christ Church’s West Campus located on 140 Green Pond Road, Rockaway, NJ from Monday, July 8 to Friday, July 12. To assist our families’ work schedules better, drop-off will be between 8:45am–9:15am and pickup will be promptly at 5pm.

Who will provide care and oversight for my children while at Vacation Bible School?

Good news! Quest Kids will be providing much more than care for your children at Vacation Bible School — we will also be providing an age-appropriate, spiritual experience! Our staff is filled with true lovers of Christ who are not only trained to work with children, but are also appropriately interviewed, background checked, and hand chosen to work with your children.

What is the cost of Vacation Bible School?

  • Registration on and after May 1 is $65 for the first child and $35 for each sibling or guest
  • Regular registration closes Saturday, June 22

What if I forget to register before June 22?

  • Regular registration closes on Saturday, June 22. However, a late registration option is available
  • Late registration is $85 for the first child and $45 for each sibling or guest after that
  • Late registration is only from June 23 – June 30. No registrations past this date will be accepted

Is there any kind of waiver I need to complete?

Is there a cap on registrations?

Our Vacation Bible School Summer Day Camp program has been specifically designed and geared toward school children from 5 to 11 years old only.

What if my child is not fully potty trained?

All participants in Vacation Bible School are required to be fully potty trained. While we do recommend parents of our younger ages, such as Kindergarten, provide additional clothing for “accidents,” consistent or daily accidents will be addressed directly with parents.

Will there be a shuttle bus leaving from Montclair this year?

Yes! However as was the case last year, spaces are VERY limited and expected to fill up pretty quickly. Once all slots are filled, a waiting list will be made and all are welcome to be added to that list.

Will you accept walk-up/same-day registration?

No. Due to proper child/staff ratios we cannot accept same-day registration at Vacation Bible School Summer Day Camp. Christ Church has a requirement to abide by state guidelines regarding the handling of large numbers of children and adults. Therefore, to ensure that all of these requirements are met, all participants must be preregistered by the deadline provided.

What if my child does not attend Christ Church?

Our Vacation Bible School Summer Day Camp is open to all children who would like to attend and we welcome any child regardless of prior church attendance.

What happens if there is a medical emergency at VBS?

Our Vacation Bible School Summer Day Camp has a Camp Nurse on-site at all times while activities are in session. This is typically either a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Registered Nurse (RN), or Doctor (MD). If there is a medical emergency requiring EMT or hospital assistance, it will be up to the attending Camp Nurse to decide the appropriate course of action for each incident.

My child has special needs. Will Vacation Bible School have options to accommodate?

Yes! On the child registration form there is a location to specify if your child has a special need. There is also space provided to communicate what that special need is. Once registered, one of our staff members will contact you to talk further about the needs of your child. Also, if you would like to discuss whether VBS is a good fit for your child before you register, please contact us at

Will my child receive lunch and snacks at Vacation Bible School Summer Day Camp?

No. While we are happy to provide two small snacks (AM and PM) for each child, we are requesting parents provide a packed lunch every day for each child to prevent any allergies or dietary issues. Please still alert us to any possible allergies on your registration form so that we can be aware.

What grade should I enroll my child in? 

Enroll your child in the grade they will be entering in the fall, NOT the grade they have just completed (e.g. my child is currently in 1st grade but will enter 2nd grade in the fall). In the example listed, you would enroll your child in 2nd grade.

What if my child is currently in, or has just completed, 5th grade?

At Christ Church, we will promote your child to 6th grade prior to VBS in July, therefore they will not be eligible. Please contact us at or for more information about our Middle School program.

Will Vacation Bible School ever leave the Christ Church campus grounds?

No. All activities will take place on our Rockaway campus.

Can I drop my child off earlier than 8:45am?

No. We open our facility for children to be checked-in as early as 8:45am up until 9:15am. We cannot receive children before this time. 

What time should I pick up my child?

Please pick your child/children up promptly at 5pm (or 5:30pm for the Montclair shuttle) as we do not have any extended care available beyond this time. Failure to do so may result in additional late fees.

Can I be with my child at Vacation Bible School?

Yes. Parents are welcome at all times to be a part of the Vacation Bible School experience, however, if you need to be with your child throughout the week, we ask that you go through a standard background check in order to participate with their group. Our background procedures are required for all individuals 18 and over to ensure a safe and secure environment.

What if someone different than myself is picking up my child?

We understand that during events such as Vacation Bible School that multiple people may be handling the transportation of the children.
On your registration form, you can authorize up to three individuals to pick up your child if you are not available. Late fees do still apply for late pickup however.

How do I register for Vacation Bible School?

Please click here to register. Registration opened on March 17 and late registration closes Saturday, June 29 at 11:59pm.


Children and Volunteer Registration