The Warrior Within

An 8-session journey designed to empower men with the strength, courage and purpose to fulfill God’s promises for your life.
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Are you ready to embark on a transformative 8-month journey that will push your limits and unleash the warrior within you? This course is designed to empower and equip you with the strength, courage and purpose to become the man that God intended.

The Warrior Within course is not for the faint of heart. It is for men who dare to confront their fears, battle against complacency and ignite change in their lives. Through a series of immersive sessions, held monthly on a Saturday morning, we will delve deep into the Eight Characteristics and the Five Focal Pillars of a Warrior.

As you progress through this course, you will be challenged to step outside your comfort zone, confront your weaknesses and embrace the potential within you. Our instructors will guide you through a series of thought-provoking exercises, practical strategies and engaging discussions, all tailored to help you unlock your full potential.

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What You Will Learn



Warriors possess discipline. Discipline is the ability to restrain yourself—to control your impulses, desires or emotions for the sake of improvement.


A warrior must possess expanded awareness. If you are to take up the call of warriorship, you must remain vigilant that in the lack of awareness, ignorance will grow.


Being relentless refers not to being harsh or inflexible. Rather it implies a persistent and determined intention to seek out false beliefs and ego delusions.


Patience is the calm acceptance that not everything happens according to your timeline. You’re content as you pause, wait, ensure and allow God to work.


Warriors press on when confronted with adversity or doubt. This doesn’t mean you don’t feel the fear, it means you keep going in spite of it.


Warriors who regularly practice gratitude experience more fulfillment in their lives and express more compassion and kindness.


True obedience stems from a heart full of love and reverence, a heart that beats in rhythm with the teachings and guidance laid out by the God who created you.


Is the final quality of a warrior. Expanding the field of love for both you and your family and friends is the ultimate goal of the warrior.

What to Expect


Complacency is the enemy’s tool to keep you stagnant!


Change rarely happens by chance, it needs to be embraced and cultivated!


Learn that God created you for a purpose and with an assignment in mind!


There is a spiritual warrior that God has placed in every one of us. Battle for the things that matter!

Course Details

Dates — 2nd Saturday of the month starting on November 11, except for February (which takes place Feb. 3)
Times — 9:00am – 11:00am
Where — Rockaway Campus
Cost — $35
Refreshments — Light refreshments and snacks will be served at all course dates.
Commissioning — The course will culminate with a special commissioning on Father’s Day—June 16, 2024—where you’ll be able to invite friends and family to attend.
Please note: You need to attend 6 of the 8 sessions in order to be recognized at the commissioning.

Your Instructors

Dr. David Ireland
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Jack Redmond
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Malik Carey
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Ray Velez
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