Life-changing Internship

Divas Brar, right, interned at Christ Church this summer, learning from staff members Donald Plummer (center) and Ed Garrett (left) in the Finance department.

Internship Christ Church recently concluded the summer session of the Impact Internship Program, which featured 12 college students, and is a paid opportunity that prepares them to be future leaders in their chosen career paths. The program has served 16 students to date in 2018, and has even attracted international students from Kenya and India. An important goal of the 4RStudents Movement is to expand the internship program to serve even more students in the near future.

One young man’s journey this summer highlights why our church-wide focus on students is so important. When Divas Brar, an international student from India, began his internship as an Accounts Payable Intern at Christ Church, he had no idea of the life-changing ministry that awaited him. Divas’ story highlights how God is radically changing lives through the 4RStudents Movement. As he searched for summer internships, Divas, a non-Christian, was intrigued by Christianity and embraced the thought of working for a place that serves its community. He was selected from a pool of 16 applicants and his acceptance of the Impact Internship opened the door to forever changing his heart.

“God used Christ Church as an instrument to change my life, literally. I will always be grateful… for all the love I have gotten. Talking to Pastor Jack, Pastor Marco, Pastor Ryan has developed me so much, just normal conversations have made me think spiritually and taught me things and has cemented my faith in the Lord,” said Divas, who studies Business Administration at Seton Hall. “I have a shuttle from Seton Hall for service and you will see me all the time.

”It was not only an unforgettable 12 weeks for Divas, but for many Christ Church students who received ministry this summer from experiences like Vacation Bible School, Teen Worship Arts Camp, and Prayerfest. Christ Church is thankful for its members stepping up and working behind the scenes to make these events successful, and a special shout-out goes to the Young Adults Ministry for volunteering their time, energy, and talents to serve our students!

Picture of Angela Maceda

Angela Maceda

Quest College Director at Christ Church


Quest exists to reach, love, and serve both students and young adults by creating an environment that offers a genuine encounter of God.

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