Student Invitation Leads to Transformation

Elvis leading worship during Deeper Encounter nights.

Quest College Ministry is influencing the lives of college students on their campuses and ours. The long-term vision of Quest College Ministry is for Christ Church to be a fueling station for all college-aged emerging adults in the region to get filled up and sent out. Quest College Director Angela Maceda and servant leaders within the ministry, walk alongside these emerging adults as they progress to the next level of their spiritual life with Christ. We do this through discipleship, Christian education, leadership development, and practical application.

Here is an excerpt from Elvis Alicea’s three-year journey with Quest College Ministry: “Since being invited to come to Saturday night service by my friends from college in fall 2017, my life has never been the same. At Christ Church, I have experienced the presence and touch of the Holy Spirit in powerful ways. Being a part of the on-campus Defending Your Faith (apologetics course) has changed the way I looked at the world and has shown me how real God is.

One moment I will never forget with Angela is when it was my first worship and connect gathering with Young Adults, which was in fall 2019. I led worship and after the night was over, she asked me, ‘So how was that? How do you feel? Did it feel scary/nerve-racking?’ and I began to share with her how before the night started I was nervous to sing in front of everyone. She began to explain to me that worship should never feel like an overwhelming task, it should feel weightless, and that our worship can come from a place of just being in God’s throne room and His presence. Since that night, the way that I look at worship has changed from a place of horizontality, performance, and structure, to a place of vertical love and affection for God, and since then I have never been worried to worship spontaneously in front of anyone. Being a Christ Church member has really shown me what it means to be God’s son, not his employee, and for that, I am forever grateful.”

Picture of Angela Maceda

Angela Maceda

Quest College Director at Christ Church


Quest exists to reach, love, and serve both students and young adults by creating an environment that offers a genuine encounter of God.

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