With the reopening of our East Campus in Montclair and our West Campus in Rockaway on the horizon, we want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the thoughtful and detailed measures and processes we’ve put in place—which were anchored by our Guiding Values. When we reopen, we will have officially entered Phase 2 of our phased reopening approach (see below).

Please note, all of our guests in attendance must wear masks (they will be made available for those who forgot to bring their own). New Jersey guidelines state participants at church activities are required to wear face masks, except children under 2.

When we come back, we’ll need the support of our volunteers more than ever to help serve our ministry and community during this critical time. If you’re interested in serving and being a part of our Reopening Team, please click the button below to get started.


Good decisions are usually reached if they cohere to the organization’s guiding values—principles that anchor us to our mission, vision, and beliefs. To reopen our facilities in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, our actions and timing will be anchored by Our Guiding Values.

Our Guiding Values

We value a healthy and safe congregation. The congregation must be safe and feel safe when we gather corporately for worship and the word. This is critically important to us.

We value creating transformative ministry experiences based on our CORE COMPETENCIES. When we decide to reopen our doors, it’s because we can deliver the powerful Christ Church experience you and your whole family have come to expect.

We value innovative ministry to all generations. We will be intentional about continuing to minister to the entire family.

We value serving the community. We are committed to impacting the areas we serve by meeting people’s felt needs.

Our Phased Approach

Reopening our facilities will occur over three phases and we are now in Phase 2, which adheres to New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order (effective September 4, 2020) of allowing up to 150 people indoors at places of worship.

Our Journey to Reopening

In the planning of our reopening, the decisions that were made were in coherence with our Guiding Values—principles that anchor us to our mission, vision, and beliefs. Check out our timeline below to get a glimpse of how we're journeying toward Reopening:

  • On the weekend of March 14-15, the doors to our facilities closed, but our ministry was still very much open. We began livestreaming our services through CC Online every Saturday night and Sunday, which afforded us the opportunity to continue reaching our CC family through our love-fueled ministry, and spread the gospel to an even wider audience! We also launched our Staying Together page as a way for us to stay connected with you, and make you aware of our weekly online ministry opportunities.
  • We began diligently preparing our facilities for your return by increasing our amount of cleaning and disinfecting, and beginning to take all the steps needed to ensure a safe, transformative, and reimagined worship experience.
  • We held two Virtual Town Halls led by our lead pastor, Dr. David Ireland, in which our phased approach was detailed. During these gatherings, we listened and conversed about your questions, comments, and feedback. We also provided additional opportunities for your feedback through our Reopening Survey and a contact email for our COVID-19 Task Force.
  • Our Ministry Teams were retrained in accordance with new safety guidelines and this Reopening webpage was launched. We also continued to both ready ourselves and inform our CC Family about the measures being taken to create a reimagined worship experience.
  • After 161 days, we were finally able to regather via our outdoor service, CC on the Lawn on August 23. This safe, unique, and transformative worship experience was a much-needed time of connection that was met with a celebratory atmosphere and a powerful time of ministry.
  • On September 18, we held our Outdoor Movie Night—a fun, family-friendly experience that served the community. In addition, our second CC on the Lawn was slated for September 27, a precursor to our eventual reopening.
To get a better understanding of how we’ve prepared for our Reopening, take a look at the sections below.